Anetress Mathews joined the Preschool staff in April 2000. During all these years of service she has worked in every age group that we have enrolled.  Currently she is one of our assistant directors and also a co teacher of our oldest Group 5. 

She has completed the Texas Childcare Administration Certificate.  In addition she has an Associates Degree in Child Development from Navarro College and a Bachelors degree from Texas A & M Commerce.

She is married to Sam Mathews.  (*note – Sam was an infant student here at FMP many years ago!)

They have three children, Jakaylon, Kayleb, and Abreyan.  (actually these three are now young adults and former FMP students!)

Anetress shares with us, “I love being part of the children’s lives as they grow and learn.”   We are thankful Anetress is part of Preschool!