Brenda Busby is one of our longest serving teachers here at FMP, beginning in August 1987.  She has her high school diploma and many many hours of training in early childhood education.  As do all our teachers, she earns 30 hours of training each and every year of employment. 

Her daughter, LaKisha Haynes, is a former student at Preschool and also a former teacher here.   She was married to Arthur Lee Busby, Sr., for 23 years until his death in January 2021.  Arthur was also a long-time friend of our Preschool.

Brenda has experience and expertise in a variety of age groups:  Infant, ones, twos, threes and fours!  Currently she serves two-year-olds. 

We all know that Brenda is a number one Dallas Cowboy fan and follows her team regularly.  She also enjoys basketball – Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers! 

Her favorite moments working at FMP involve helping children learn and watching them grow.  She also enjoys being around a great group of co-workers.  Likewise, we all enjoy serving with Brenda!